Healing Facilitation

•Heart-centered Hypnotherapy

•Reiki energy healing work

•Tarot Life Path charts and readings

•Life Coaching/counselling

•A Whole Lot of Positive Energy!!!

2 thoughts on “Healing Facilitation

  1. I love your website and your work! Some of my photography stuff is at http://www.anneeverettphotograpy.com

    Do you do tarot readings? I have ‘Goddess Cards’ and I used to have a set of herbal cards. I’ll see if I can dig those up. Oh also I have a set of Faerie cards. I would love a reading! Hope you are having a nice day 🙂 -Anne

  2. Thanks for your lovely posting. I’d be happy to do a reading for you. where are you in the world/timezone? I’m in Chicago. I have done readings over skype. You may reach me by email : marina [at] studiomforgood.com (replace [at] with @ ).

    Again, thanks for your posting, and I look forward to knowing you. Marina

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