The Year of Botanical Thinking 2018

Alchemy: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

The year of botanical thinking is the fruition of a year spent focusing on the botanical world around me. Thus I have explored the use of leaves and flowers in print applications, on paper and fiber works, as well as natural dyes.

The year of botanical thinking as a body of work is about the exploration of incorporating botanical elements into my existing technique base to create something evocative, decorative, and tactile. What speaks to me are the colors, textures, and shapes of the earth and plants as released through my intentional engagement.

An animal fleece is just a fleece until it is shorn, washed and carded, dyed and perhaps felted. Leaves or other botanical elements exist as they are, but when we collect, bundle, steam or submerge to cook, and add mineral elements we see a transformation. There is a magic that happens. All of nature exists on a plane just as live or dead creatures. We can extract parts of them and explore how they can be altered or what more exists in their fibers – color, texture, or the interaction of their shapes with other media, fibers woven or felted, as prints, or dyes, or both.

With each work and every step of the process I invite interaction with each element to elicit a synergy and an alchemy.

Eco-printed vessel