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I am a self taught artist. Although creative since childhood, I have been actively making “art” since 1995 when I began exploring mixed media to create objects of hope and beauty from found objects, broken car glass, wire, beads, and textiles.¬†After exploring many media I feel like I have come home when I work with felt. Fiber and felting feel like a perfect expression of what I want to create: objects of beauty which are satisfyingly tactile and which nourish the soul.

I currently work with fiber (wool, alpaca, silk) making works of felt — exploring wearables as well as structural art: Nuno felted scarves and dresses using silk & cotton textiles and fiber; vessels; wrapped found objects, stones, and driftwood; and larger pieces including rugs, wall art, sculpture, and gameboards; bags; and hats and slippers.

I have participated in group shows at Judy Saslow Gallery (Chicago, IL), The Drawing Room (Portland, ME), Blueberry View Artist Retreat (Benton Harbor, MI) and have offered works to many fundraising auctions since 1997. I have participated in 2 Felter’s Fling events.

Here are some recent works



3 thoughts on “About me as an Artist

  1. Dear Marina,

    Happy Winter Solstice! Your work & website are beautiful.

    Lincoln, his very cool baby sitter Julie & I are looking forward to coming to your studio tomorrow afternoon if you are still interested and available. This is such a busy time we are the only takers for this special offer of yours. Frankly I’m looking forward to the peace and solace of creating with you in your studio. Please let me know if anything has changed from your side, otherwise we will see you around 3:45. Julie & Lincoln may arrive before me but I will join them asap.

    Yours Truly, Leah

    • Leah, I’m so sorry this never worked out. Holidays, and then I went to India, and then had to catch up from being away. I’m hoping to start classes back up in a couple of weeks, let me know if you have time.

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